First Date: How to Ensure It Is A Winner!

Feeling those first date nervous jitters is understandable. No one is likely to be perfectly calm before their date. Going on a date with a guy or girl you met online – for example on a free dating website – can be somewhat unsettling. Very famous people are even known to get anxious about first dates. Some would say that going on a first date can be overwhelming.

But the key is to summon some inner confidence. And to get you started, there’s also the following well-known tips which will help you make a lasting impression on that difficult first date.

Be Prepared. If you want real success with dating that person you met on the free dating site, you should ensure that you look your best. Presentation and grooming are very important. For example, some men ignore this fact and they feel it’s just okay to go on that date looking like they’ve just gotten out of bed. It’s not okay, and won’t lead to much dating success. On the other hand, some women do go over the top in terms of hair and makeup. Ladies, take note: the less makeup you put on, the more attractive you’ll appear to a man! And when it comes to choosing what you’re going to wear, it is often better to go for that crisp, clean and conservative look when you meet that someone you found on a free online dating site.

Your memory for interesting stories or personal and funny anecdotes are useful for moments of first date awkward silences. So it wouldn’t hurt to have one or two of these prepared before going on that important date.

Listen more, talk less. People usually talk too much on a first date, because they are understandably nervous. Lots of talking is actually a major turn off. So instead of blurting out too much trivia, why not slow down and instead focus on your date and maybe talk about how you both came to be using online dating. Asking questions and listening to what your date says indicates to them that you are genuinely interested. You will both get along well if you learn how to become more of an active listener. And some compliments now and then won’t hurt either.

Be confident being who you are. You are unlikely to impress the person you met on that free dating site if you have poor self-esteem. So remind yourself that you are a unique and interesting person. And, furthermore, all the things that make up who you are is enough for someone to truly appreciate you.

Fun is important. Once you’ve agreed to date that person you met on the free online dating site, you need to realize that you can only prepare so much. So, if you can, be casual and just let things happen and remind yourself that a first date is simply a necessary first step to finding the love of your life. If you’re fearful of possible rejection, just consider the huge number of people in the world that can become a possible date. If you turned out to not be your date’s ‘type’? So what!? The key is to just move on to the next opportunity, at least you’ve already eliminated one. Believe me, you will find love in the future if you keep a genuinely positive attitude about dating success from online dating sites.

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